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Fixed Deposit


We are having following deposit schemes -

  • Fixed Deposit Monthly Interest -
    Under this scheme monthly interest at discounted rate is credited to customer account.
  • Fixed Deposit Quarterly Interest -
    Under this scheme quarterly interest is credited to customer account.
  • Kalyan Thev Yojana-
    Interest is compounded quarterly and payable on maturity of the receipts.


Any individual, Proprietory concern, partnership firm, limited company, HUF, AOP, LLP , Body of individuals, local authority, Trust can keep the amount in fixed deposits.

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List of indicative guidelines is attached as under

Interest Rate

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TDS will be deducted as per applicable Income Tax rule. At per the prevailing rule, TDS will be deducted if the aggregate of interest exceeds Rs.40,000. unless Form 15G/ Form 15 H is submitted at the beginning of each financial year.